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Deep integration of production, study and research, Baiyun Ebo has gained new understanding of prospecting

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Deep integration of production, study and research, Baiyun Ebo has gained new understanding of prospecting
Latest company news about Deep integration of production, study and research, Baiyun Ebo has gained new understanding of prospecting

In July 2019, the Institute of Mineral Resources of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the “Resources”) affiliated to the China Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. jointly established the Baiyun Ebo Scientific Research Base, aiming at innovation. Improve the ore-forming theory of the Baiyun Obo iron-rare earth-strontium deposit, carry out investigations on the occurrence of various types of resources, solve the technical problems of comprehensive utilization, combine major scientific research, increase the intensity of personnel training, and establish a platform for deep cooperation in production, study and research.


In order to successfully and efficiently complete the first batch of “Study on the mineralization and deep prospecting prediction of the Baiyun Obo mining area” and the “Research on the correlation between the deep ore body of the Baiyun Obo main east mine of Baotou Steel”. The China Geological Survey Resources Institute has organized a joint research team on geological-geophysical-geochemical-three-dimensional modeling. From July 2019 to present, it has completed 1:5000 special geological mapping 12km2, 1:10000 area gravity magnetic Measuring 1469 points, the East Mine has two fine-grained magnetic and magnetic profiles of 319 points, spanning the 852 points of the 36-kilometre geomagnetic section of the Bayan Obo mining area and the northern margin of the North China. 1:25,000 geochemical sampling 57km2, various physical properties measured more than 660. Get a new understanding of the series:


First, through the large-scale special geological mapping, the genesis and formation of ore-bearing carbonates were determined, and the basic geological problems of iron and rare earth prospecting were solved. The variation law of composition in the ore-bearing carbonate rock space was identified, indicating the direction of carbonate magma-fluid migration, which provided a new idea for deep prospecting of iron and rare earth.


The second is to focus on the actual production needs, focusing on the study of iron ore metallogenic regularity. According to the spatial distribution law of mineralization alteration zone (mica zone, neon petrification zone, amphibolite zone), contact metamorphic zone (mica horn rock, felsic horn rock), ore body shape, ore mineral structure Combined with the characteristics of minerals, it is proposed that the Bayan Obo iron deposit belongs to the self-crossing skarn type iron deposit, and a prospecting exploration model is established to determine the prospecting direction of the deep side of the iron ore.


The third is to initially identify the spatially different enrichment rules of the rare earth elements in Bayan Obo, and find the local enrichment-heavy rare earths in the Bayan Obo mining area, to re-understand the rare earth mineralization of Bayan Obo and to find more valuable medium-heavy rare earths. Has a certain meaning.

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