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China Henan Guorui Metallurgical Refractories Co., Ltd certification
China Henan Guorui Metallurgical Refractories Co., Ltd certification
Henan Guorui is a clear expert on the ferroalloy industry and cored wire market globally. Their experience and expertise has been invaluable.

—— Igor

GR has been worked in ferroalloys field more than 10 years , have rich experience for ferroalloys and rich knowledge for the technical of steel-making . it developed a series products for help the steel plant reduce the production cost , worked with many steel mills for improve their production technique. I am so glad to be associated with them.

—— Jason

  • Production Line


    Blast Furnace Iron Production Process


         Blast furnace production is continuous. A generation of blast furnaces (from the start of the furnace to the overhaul of the generation) can be continuously produced for several years to ten years. At the time of production, from the top of the furnace (generally the top of the furnace consists of the material and the hopper, the modern blast furnace is the bell valve top and the bell-free top) is continuously loaded with iron ore, coke and flux, which is blown from the vent of the lower part of the blast furnace. Into the hot air (1000 ~ 1300 ° C), sprayed with fuel such as oil, coal or natural gas. The iron ore loaded into the blast furnace is mainly a compound of iron and oxygen. At high temperatures, the carbon monoxide produced by the combustion of carbon and carbon in the coke and in the blown extracts the oxygen in the iron ore to obtain iron. This process is called reduction. The iron ore is refined by the reduction reaction, and the molten iron is released from the tap. The gangue, coke, and ash in the iron ore are combined with a flux such as limestone added to the furnace to form slag, which is discharged from the tap hole and the slag outlet. The gas is led out from the top of the furnace and used as industrial gas after dust removal. Modern blast furnaces can also use the high pressure of the furnace roof to generate electricity from the exported gas.


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    Characteristics of blast furnace ironmaking: large scale, whether in other countries of the world or China, the volume of blast furnace is expanding. For example, China Baosteel blast furnace is 4063m3, producing more than ton of iron per day, more than 4,000 tons of slag, and more than 4,000 tons of daily consumption.



    Ferroalloy Production Process Equipment



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    Intermediate frequency furnace:


         The intermediate frequency furnace is mainly composed of a ruthenium made of refractory material in the power source, the induction coil and the induction coil. The crucible contains metal charge, which is equivalent to the secondary winding of the transformer. When the induction coil is connected to the AC power source, an alternating magnetic field is generated in the induction coil, and the magnetic flux cuts the metal charge in the crucible, and an induced electromotive force is generated in the furnace. Since the charge itself forms a closed loop, the secondary winding is characterized by only one turn and is closed. Therefore, an induced current is simultaneously generated in the charge, and when the induced current passes through the charge, the charge is heated to cause it to melt.
         The intermediate frequency electric furnace uses the intermediate frequency power source to establish an intermediate frequency magnetic field, so that the induced eddy current inside the ferromagnetic material generates heat and reaches the purpose of heating the material. The medium frequency electric furnace adopts 200-2500Hz intermediate frequency power supply for induction heating, smelting and heat preservation. The medium frequency electric furnace is mainly used for melting carbon steel, alloy steel, special steel, and can also be used for melting and warming of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. The equipment is small in size and weight. Light, high efficiency, low power consumption, fast melting and heating, easy control of furnace temperature and high production efficiency.


    Medium frequency melting furnace features:

         1. Fast smelting speed, good power saving effect, less burning loss and low energy consumption.
         2. Self-mixing function, melting temperature and uniform metal composition.
         3. The electric heating environment is good.
         4. The starting performance is good, and the empty furnace and full furnace can reach 100% startup.




    Production Equipment Display


         Henan Guorui Metallurgical Refractory Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in the production of second-hand products for steelmaking and casting. After more than ten years of hard work and development, it has become a benchmark enterprise in China's ferroalloy industry.

         Our company produces more than 20,000 tons of auxiliary materials for steelmaking and casting every year, including Nodulizer (FeSiMg), inoculant (silicon series, niobium series, calcium series and zirconium series, etc.), ferroalloy (ferrosilicon, calcium silicon, silicon germanium) , silicon aluminum, calcium silicon germanium, calcium silicon germanium aluminum, calcium silicon manganese, high carbon silicon, silicon carbide and carbon additives), deoxidizers (aluminum series and calcium series), alloy compacts (FeSi compacts, silicon spheres, SiC) Ball, ect), alloy slag (FeSi slag, silicon slag, manganese-rich slag) and core wire (FeSiMg, CaSi, CaFe, pure calcium, etc.).


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         At present, 40% of the products are sold to large domestic steel mills and foundries. The remaining 60% are exported to foreign countries, mainly to South Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, India, Australia and other about 30 countries, including POSCO, Hyundai Steel Group and JFE.

         We will continue to pay attention to the needs of our customers and provide them with better ferroalloy products and more satisfactory services.


  • R&D

    Research and Development (R&D)

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    What is Research and Development?
         Accoding to Investopedia “Research and Development (R&D)”, Research and development – R&D – is the process by which a company works to obtain new knowledge that it might use to create new technology, products, services, or systems that it will either use or sell. The goal most often is to add to the company’s bottom line.


    What we do here at Grferroalloy?

         R&D often takes place in an internal department in a company, but it can also be outsourced to a specialist.The main duty of the research and development group of GrFerroalloy Metallurgical Co,. is developing and discovering new knowledge about the development of new products in the field of ferroalloys, modifying the production process to reduce the price and optimizing the performance and providing valuable and new services.Analyze the characteristics, classification and application of the ferroalloy industry, focus on the comparison of the development status of China and the global market, and compare the development trends. At the same time, analyze the current and future trends of supply and demand in China and the global market.

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