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Deoxygenation And Desulfurization 1mm 2mm Inoculant Powder

Deoxygenation And Desulfurization 1mm 2mm Inoculant Powder

  • Deoxygenation And Desulfurization 1mm 2mm Inoculant Powder
  • Deoxygenation And Desulfurization 1mm 2mm Inoculant Powder
Deoxygenation And Desulfurization 1mm 2mm Inoculant Powder
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Anyang Henan
Brand Name: Guo Rui
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 0-2mm,1-3mm, 2-6mm
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 MT big bag or as per customer request
Delivery Time: Order after half a month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 20,000MT/year
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Inoculant Shape: Powder
Color: Black Silver Gray Material: Si,Ba,Ca
Size: 0-2mm, 1-3mm, 2-6mm Usage: Steelmaking
Packing: Your Detailed Requirements Advantage: Visit Factory Anytime
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2mm Inoculant Powder


1mm Inoculant Powder


2mm rhizobium powder

Ductile Iron Inoculation Deoxygenation And Desulfurization 1mm 2mm Powder




Inoculant introduction:


     The inoculant can be used as an inoculant for cast iron and ductile iron. Ferrosilicon inoculant is used in metallurgy and machinery industry as an additive and alloying agent for iron and steel and non-ferrous metals. It has the functions of desulfurization, phosphorus removal, deoxidation, degassing and purification, thereby improving the mechanical properties and use effects of materials. Reduce high manganese slag and add it during the smelting process to improve mechanical properties and refine grains.

     Inoculant is a kind of inoculant that can promote graphitization, reduce the tendency of white mouth, improve the shape and distribution of graphite, increase the number of eutectic clusters, and refine the matrix structure. It has a short time (about 5-8 minutes) after inoculation treatment good effect. It is mainly suitable for general conditions in various situations or instant incubation in later stages.

     Inoculation treatment refers to adding a small amount of other substances to the liquid metal during the solidification process to promote nucleation, inhibit growth, and achieve the purpose of grain refinement. Traditionally, adding additives to cast iron is called inoculation treatment; adding additives to non-ferrous alloys is called modification treatment. In essence, the inoculation treatment mainly affects nucleation and promotes the freeing of crystal grains; while the modification treatment changes the growth mechanism of crystals (inhibits growth), thereby affecting the crystal morphology.


Inoculant Products Parameter:




Grade Chemical Composition (%)
Si Ba Ca Al Zr



≥70 1-3 1-2.5 1-2 -
65-70 4-6 1-2.5 1-2 -
65-70 6-8 1-2 1-2 -



73-80 - 2-2.5 1-2 2-2.5
70-80 - 1-2.5 1-1.5 1.5-5
74-80 ≤0.03 2-2.7 1-1.4 2-3
Size: 0-2mm, 1-3mm, 2-6mm
Other chemical composition and size can be supplied upon request.


Types of inoculants:


     1.75 Ferrosilicon
     75 Ferrosilicon is the most commonly used inoculant. The content of aluminum and calcium play an important role in the inoculation effect. It is generally believed that in molten iron, aluminum and calcium will react with oxygen and nitrogen to form compounds with high melting points. The core of graphite crystals. Moreover, after adding the inoculant, local silicon-rich micro-regions can be formed in the molten iron, which is beneficial to the precipitation of graphite.

     2. Barium-containing ferrosilicon
     Barium-containing ferrosilicon also has a strong ability to promote graphitization, which can improve the shape and distribution of graphite in thin-walled castings, and it also has the effect of slowing down the growth and decline. The amount of processing is less than 75 ferrosilicon.

     3. Ferrosilicon containing zirconium
     Zirconium has a deoxidizing effect, which is beneficial to improve the fluidity of molten iron, reduce the tendency of cast iron to white mouth, and promote uniform and fine A-type graphite. And it also has the effect of slowing down gestational decline.

     4. Silicon barium alloy
     Using a silicon-barium alloy containing 20-30% barium as an inoculant can significantly reduce the whitening tendency of cast iron and increase the time for maintaining the inoculation effect to about 30 minutes, which is especially suitable for large castings.

     5. Silicon calcium alloy
     Although silicon-calcium alloy has a strong inoculation effect, in addition to the application of cored wire, it is not suitable to use granular alloy as an inoculant for cast iron. Its main disadvantages are: 1. The density is much lower than that of molten iron. Floating affects its effect with molten iron; 2. The tendency to form slag is large; 3. The inoculation effect declines quickly; 4. The amount of addition required for treatment is large, about 0.3~0.5%.

     6. Rare earth inoculant
     Rare earth mixed metals and rare earth ferrosilicon and other inoculants containing rare earth metals, when added in an appropriate amount, have a strong inoculation effect. The effect can be several times that of 75 ferrosilicon, which can effectively eliminate white mouth and slow the decline of inoculation. If the added amount is too high, it may cause excessive cooling when the cast iron is crystallized, and cementite structure will appear. The dosage must be strictly controlled when using.


Inoculant Product Image:


Deoxygenation And Desulfurization 1mm 2mm Inoculant Powder 0


Our Advantages:

     In year of 2012, our company won ferroalloy export license which is approved by the Ministry of Commerce. At present there are 10 sets of intermediate frequency electric furnaces and 4 cored wire production lines. Annually produce more than 20,000 tons of steel-making and casting used subsidiary material, including Nodulizer (FeSiMg), Inoculant (Silicon series, Barium series, Calcium series and Zirconium series, etc), Ferro Alloys ( Ferro Silicon, Calcium Silicon, Barium Silicon, Silicon Aluminum, Calcium Silicon Barium, Calcium Silicon Barium Aluminum, Calcium Silicon Manganese, High Carbon Silicon, Silicon Carbide, and Carbon Additive), Deoxidizer ( Aluminum series and Calcium series ), Alloy Briquettes ( FeSi Briquette, Silicon Ball, SiC Ball, ect ), Alloy Slags (FeSi Slag, Silicon Slag, Manganese-rich Slag ) and Cored Wires ( FeSiMg, CaSi, CaFe, Pure Calcium etc).


Our partner:


Deoxygenation And Desulfurization 1mm 2mm Inoculant Powder 1

     At present, 40% of the products were sold to big steel mills and foundries in domestic, including Shagang Group, Rizhao Steel Holding Group, Shougang Group, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and etc. The rest 60% were exported to foreign, mainly export to Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, India, Australia and etc about 30 countries, including POSCO, Hyundai Steel Group and JFE. With the stable quality and excellent technical service, our products have won all customers’ high praise and trust, and our annual amount sales have reached $36 million.


F & Q:

1. What is our MOQ?

Basically, Our MOQ is 20 tons. There is no specific limit to order, we can give the best offer according to your situation.

2. Do you provide samples?

Yes, We do. Samples are always available and they can be sent to you directly.

3. How long does the delivery time take?

Our normal delivery time takes about 3 weeks once the contract singed, but it also depends on the quantity of the order.

4. Can we visit your plant?

Of course, we will be always looking for you.

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